Trivia invite – Baker Privatization Wars – Millennial Snake People

TRIVIAL HIRSUTE: My beard and I are co-hosting a team trivia contest Thursday, March 10 at 6 p.m. at the Kinsale downtown, and I’m inviting the hell out of you to come. It’s presented by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, so you know it’s not going suck. –

DEBT, DRONES, DRIZLY: Millennials are getting old and buying houses, cars and childcare because the only thing trendier among than political apathy is crippling debt. The Senate wants to get engage you Millennial-types, so it’s sending snake person Sen. Eric Lesser to find out what the Gen Yers want now that some of them are getting over the hill at 30. –

READER SURVEY: Think I can get Drizly to deliver to Room 455 of the State House? Respond @Deehan.

THE DOORS ARE ABOUT TO CLOSE: We thought it was going to be about underused bus routes, but it looks like the first skirmish of the Charlie Baker Privatization Wars is going to be about who maintains the MBTA’s fare collection system: State MBTA employees or some third-party vendor. –

ALSO: I have an unbroken 11-year streak of saying to myself “what the hell is on his/her forehead….? Oh, Ash Wednesday.”

Let’s just take a clap break and feel the music, everybody.


S.J. SEE YA LATER: The Supreme Judicial Court must have had some kind of retirement pact. Three of the seven members have announced retirement plans, with two more coming in the next few years. The court’s going to be so vacant, Gov. Baker’s naming another task force to fill the slots. UPSHOT: So much retirement party cake on the second floor of the Adams Courthouse! I assume this was Justice Gants’ long-term plan from the getgo. WGBH’s Deb Daigle reports:

IF YOU WANT THE JOB DONE RIGHT: Maine Gov. Paul LePage doesn’t need a new education commissioner because he’s naming himself to the position. From the Bangor Daily News:

“LePage said acting commissioner William Beardsley will remain in place for the remainder of the governor’s current term in office, which expires in 2018. LePage suggested Beardsley would serve out his term as acting commissioner and would remain in the department as the deputy commissioner.

“I will be the commissioner,” LePage said.” –

MAYBE A NICE CHESTERFIELD OR AN OTTOMAN: Callie Crossley on that million-dollar-earner surtax steaming ahead: “Already, the campaign for a surtax on million dollar earners is picking up steam led by the advocacy group Raise Up Massachusetts. What once seemed like tilting at windmills is now a real possibility—pushed forward by the legislature’s revenue committee.” –


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