Hot, Cheesy #MAPoliPizza Report – Diehl v. Nassour – Walsh’s Bad Week

#MAPOLIPIZZA: Enough of this taco bowl nonsense. Here at Dispatches, we focus on the one true political campaign food: Pizza. It breaks down to this: Pizza is good and it fills up volunteer bellies. People don’t crush doors’ until they ‘eat pizza’. Pizza’s a thing off the campaign trail, too. Staff worknights can be long and visiting high school hockey teams work up an appetite being applauded at during formal sessions, you know.

So I took a gander at the state’s campaign finance data and determined (very, very unscientifically) where Massachusetts politicians buy the most pizza.

Somewhere around $275,000 has been spent on pizza from Massachusetts campaign accounts since May, 2006, according to a review of OCPF filings. (I searched for ‘pizza.‘ #JournalismDegree)

AND THE WINNER IS: Primo Pizza on Beacon Hill is the most popular spot for Mass. pols to spend campaign cash on pizza. The Myrtle Street institution is the go-to delivery spot for the State House, so at least be happy that lawmakers are using their campaign money on food for meetings, visitors and staff. The runner up is Papa Gino‘s, which makes sense because they’re everywhere, with almost 21 percent of spending among the 11 most popular pizzerias. Domino’s accounted for 13.9 percent of the #MApoliPizza. Fancy pizzas from Upper Crust (Beacon Hill location, mostly) and Regina Pizzeria made good showings, with 13.6 percent and 10.1 percent respectively. Pizza Hut is not nearly as popular as it is ubiquitous, scoring only .8 percent!


OH BOY! PIZZA!  (h/t Gin D.)

RECOMMENDATION: At Primo, get the house special, (pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, meatballs, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, skip the olives.

NATIONAL STUFF: Paul Ryan doesn’t love the Donald yet. Here why the NYT  thinks that matters a ton. And here’s Bryan Cranston hanging out with Barry!

WHY TRUMP IS UP IN REVERE: The Springfield Republican/MassLive talked to some working class Trump supporters in Revere to get their take on what in the country needs fixing – and it ain’t pretty.

BRA BOARD MEMBER PLEADS NOT GUILTY: It doesn’t look like Boston Redevelopment Authority member Michael Monahan is going to avoid a trial for allegedly holding a baseball bat and threatening to kill a fellow electrical worker union member at the offices of IBEW 256 in Dorchester. Per the Herald, prosecutors say Baker stated he’d kill a political rival and his kids over comments made about Monahan’s divorce. The defense says that never happened and the accuser is all mixed up in the FBI’s investigation into union tactics. –

IN CASE YOU MISSED ME: Partisan bomb-tosser Kevin Franck didn’t organize the rally that got Gov. Baker booed off the stage and lit a fire under the transgender accommodations debate, but he did tell everyone about it. He’s got other ideas, too, like how to fight LGBT “brain drain.”

FOR THE OL’ EARHOLES: And I’m not on it, which is a bummer, but listen to this week’s Scrum podcast with WGBH’s Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis talking to the Globe’s Meghan Irons and Politico’s Lauren Dezenski talking about Marty Walsh’s No good terrible week that was.

O.D. MAP: Less fun is this story on where the opiate epidemic is getting better – and the many many places where it’s getting worse in Mass.

PIZZA CHAMPS:  Former Fall River City Councilor Leo O. Pelletier is the reigning Champion of Pizza for spending $3,750.00 at A-1 Pizza in Fall River for a fundraiser in 2008. The current in-office Pizza Champion is Rep. Mike Finn (D-West Springfield), who spent $1,380 on food for his volunteers after the 2015 election. An honorable mention goes out to former Auditor Joe DeNucci for what looks like decades of keeping MJ Sub & Pizza in Roslindale in business. Rep. Louis Kafka (D-Town Spa) ain’t no slouch here either.

NO LAWYERS, NO JUSTICE: Now that there’s more money in the budget for DCF caseworkers, the Globe reports on the next bottleneck in the child welfare system: a lack of lawyers for low-income families to get cases heard. –

ONE PRICEY TROLLEY: We now know how much Camberville (heavy on the ‘-erville’) is willing to pony up to save the Green Line extension from extinction at the hands of the MBTA’s Management Board: $75M, reports the Globe. If it goes through, the T might want to get Keolis to build a “ring of steel” around the Charles and Mystic to make sure they pay the whole thing. –

BERWICK ALERT: Medical errors will kill us all. Or at least much more than we think, says Dr. Don.

GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES: WGBH’s Gentleman Scribe Craig LeMoult asks ‘Is It Time To Outlaw Workplace Bullying In Massachusetts?’ which has nothing to do with the fact that I throw paper airplanes at him all day whenever I’m in the ‘GBH newsroom.

TRIVIA TIME: In case you haven’t guessed already, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute’s Pints of Order Trivia Nights are happening quarterly. The next session, as always hosted by yours truly Mike Deehan, is coming up quick. Thursday, June 9 at the Kinsale Pub, conveniently located dead center between City Hall and the State House. Stay tuned to this newsletter and social media and whatever for further details.

GIF OF THE DAY: Here’s a gif of a cheeky-looking guv getting his hair cut, courtesy of my colleagues at Greater Boston. (It’s a bit old but whatever. Look at those eyebrows!)

BURN YOUR EKTORP SOFA, MAYBE EVEN YOUR STENSOROP KITCHEN ISLAND: Speaking of workplace bullies, Bernstein tells us how the Swedes have declared WAR ON NEW ENGLAND LOBSTER.

Also at, Dan Kennedy breaks down all the various identity crises currently engulfing the Republican Party. And when you’re done with that, watch Mass.’s Top Trumpeter Rep. Geoff Diehl and former Mass. GOP Party Chair Jennifer Nassour discuss whatever the Hell is happening right now on the right.

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