Deehan Dispatches June 18, 2015

Hi! If you’re curious about what I’ve been doing over at, here’s what’s been keeping me busy:

‘Oil Up The Stone’: Time Capsule Mania Again Grips The State House

No Nukes For The Duke: Former Governor Joins Push To Shut Plymouth Power

Beacon Hill Is Dying To Improve Mortuary Regulation (Among Other Things)

In A Nod To The State Senate, SJC Allows Income Tax Freeze to Remain in Play

From my colleagues at The Scrum: Politics inside the Boston Public Library may be as cut throat as those in City Hall. Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis of WGBH News review recent events at the BPL with Joan Vennochi, a political columnist for The Boston Globe.
But on to more important matters…

Gov. Charlie Baker didn’t take any pitches at last night’s Hack’s vs. Flacks softball game, but he did take some swings earlier in the day when he visited heart-pump manufacturer Abiomed’s expanding headquarters in Danvers. Swings with a sledgehammer, actually. The guv lined up his shot before getting started:


Then he really got into it:


Fox 25’s Sharman Sacchetti brings us the sweet gubernatorial catharsis:

And while we’re at it, here’s Florida Sen. Bill Nelson doing 46 push-ups because he lost a bet over the Stanley Cup finals to Sen. Dick Durbin.

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